• Human Microbiome Action – Delphi Surveys

    By Published On: August 17, 2023

    The Human Microbiome Action project harnesses the power of Delphi Surveys to gather expert opinions and drive progress towards consensus in microbiome research. Through five different questionnaires, the project addresses key topics in the field such as biomarker validation, preclinical models, and fecal microbiota transplantation. The outcomes of these surveys will be used further to [...]

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  • Why Isn’t Your Doctor Focusing on Your Microbiome?

    By Published On: June 28, 2023

    Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that affects your daily life? Or perhaps your child has been diagnosed with Autism and you've heard that faecal transplantation could be helpful. Maybe you're undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and you're concerned about the impact on your microbiota. You're not alone. Many people have similar concerns [...]

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  • TEDx talk “Advocating for the Microbial Human: A Zone to Defend”

    By Published On: June 28, 2023

    "Advocating for the Microbial Human: A Zone to Defend" (Plaidoyer pour l'humain microbien: une zone à défendre) is the title of the TEDx Talk held by Human Microbiome Action's researcher Joël Doré. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the intestinal microbiota and an experience of almost 40 years in the field, Doré illustrated why [...]

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  • Microbiome outcomes in clinical trials: a workshop

    By Published On: June 20, 2023

    In a bid to enhance the comparability of clinical microbiome studies, a two-day online workshop was held on the 12th and 13th of December 2022 within the framework of the Horizon 2020 project “Human Microbiome Action” which aims to maximize the impact of European microbiome research and innovation to tackle the epidemics of chronic [...]

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  • 2nd Annual Meeting – Paris, France

    By Published On: June 12, 2023

    A sunny and warm Paris was the perfect set for the Human Microbiome Action consortium meeting 2023. The event, that was held from the 30th of May to the 1st of June, was hosted by our partner INRAE. During the meeting, we analyzed in detail the work that every partner has done in the [...]

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  • Self-management tools for faecal microbiome analysis

    By Published On: April 4, 2023

    On the 7th of March 2023, a total of 21 participants with a large diversity of expertise in the microbiome research field joined the online workshop “Consensus on policies needed to ensure regulation and control of ethical issues surrounding self-management tools”. The event is part of a series of workshops realized within the framework [...]

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  • Call for Experts – Delphi Survey on Microbiome-based Biomarkers

    By Published On: November 23, 2022

    If you are an expert in microbiome science and work with the development of microbiome-based biomarkers, Human Microbiome Action needs your valuable insight! We are coordinating an academia and industry-wide survey (using the Delphi method) to move this critical aspect of the field forward. This approach will require a broad representation in the field [...]

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  • Defining a healthy microbiome and virome – a workshop on microbial functions

    By Published On: October 21, 2022

    The Human Microbiome Action workshop on defining a healthy microbiome and virome was held on the 6th of October at the River Lee Hotel in Cork, Ireland. A total of 30 international top-ranked scientists in the microbiome field gathered in a hybrid format to discuss the current state of the art, as well as [...]

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  • Our Microbial Selves – What does it mean to be human?

    By Published On: October 20, 2022

    Microbiome research has the potential to be a major lever for future public health. Acknowledging that human health does not only depend on our genetics, environment and behaviour but that also the trillions of microorganisms in and on our bodies impact us changes everything. Human Microbiome Action organised an online workshop to find out [...]

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  • Updated rules for greater safety and quality of blood, tissues, and cells & microbiome?

    By Published On: September 2, 2022

    Updated rules for greater safety and quality of blood, tissues, and cells & microbiome? - Public consultation on a proposal for a new regulation of substances of human origin is open now! The European Commission has opened a public consultation for a new regulation on substances of human origin (SoHO). The proposed regulation aims [...]

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