Are you a microbiome expert? Help tackle the lack of consensus in the field!

By Published On: October 18, 2023
Are you a microbiome expert? Help tackle the lack of consensus in the field!

Clinicians with experience and knowledge in the human microbiome and stakeholders in medical micro-biotherapy have time until October 31st to enrol in the Delphi survey “Microbiome for Medical Doctors and Clinicians” and join a panel of 70+ registered international respondents!

The aim of the Delphi survey on microbiome for healthcare professionals is to assess the knowledge and perception of the readiness of microbiome-based information for translation in medical practice, to bring support to the decision-making process for healthcare professionals and public health.

Experts Invited to Drive Microbiome Science Forward

The Delphi surveys are one of the activities carried out within the Human Microbiome Action project, an EU-funded coordination and support action dedicated to microbiome research and innovation. Delphi surveys are a well-established research technique that engages experts in a structured process of iterative questionnaires. This method facilitates the experts in reaching a consensus on complex topics and progressing collective knowledge. As the survey unfolds, questionnaires evolve, and responses from experts are scrutinized to identify areas of agreement and divergence.

The Delphi surveys carried out within the Human Microbiome Action project involve a two-round process, leveraging collective expertise. Through an anonymous and iterative approach, these surveys encourage candid responses, allowing the group to converge towards well-informed consensus or acknowledge a spectrum of potential outcomes. Participation in the survey offers an exceptional chance to drive consensus and innovation in microbiome research. The survey has the potential to foster collaboration and gather expert perspectives on critical aspects of microbiome science, ultimately steering the field toward new horizons of understanding and application.

Charting the Microbiome Terrain

The details of the Delphi survey are enclosed below. Experts are encouraged to state their interest by contacting the e-mail addresses. Future updates on the Delphi surveys can be found at:

  • Delphi survey: Microbiome for Medical Doctors and Clinicians
  • Target audience: Medical Doctors, Clinicians and medical micro-biotherapy stakeholders.
  • Contact email: (CC

For further insights about the Human Microbiome Action project and the ongoing Delphi surveys, kindly explore the project’s website or subscribe to the project’s newsletter.

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