Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. What (types of) personal data will be collected?

The information collected, including personal and non-personal data, are the following:

  • Email address

2. For what purposes will the personal data be used?

The information is necessary to send newsletters about the project.

3. What is the legal basis for the processing? 

The data subjects are invited to provide their personal information through an online form. The legal basis for this processing operation is consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing an email to the following address:

4. Who is responsible for the data processing? 

The Controller for this processing operation is the Human Microbiome Action Consortium.

5. Who are the recipients of the personal data? 

The personal information will be used on the MailChimp platform only for the purpose of sending newsletters

6. Social media interactions

The Human Microbiome Action website integrates social media interactions allowing to share microbiome content on social media platforms and other related actions. By using these interactions, your personal data may be shared with a wide audience including, in some cases, those who are not logged on to the specific social media selected.

The applicable data protection provisions of the social media integrated in the Human Microbiome Action website may be accessed under the following links:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

LinkedIn –

YouTube –

7. Will the personal data be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area without an adequate level of data protection? 

The collection and part of the processing of personal information are carried out through ‘MailChimp’ a platform provided by the Rocket Science Group LLC, an American company. Adequate safeguards have been adopted as required by law (SCCs, Privacy Shield).

8. For how long will the personal data be stored? 

All data will be deleted 3 years after the Human Microbiome Action project ends (May 2027).

9. How will the personal data be protected?  

Information is stored on password-protected server. Only authorised people can access the information.

10. Who can I contact when I have question or complaint? 

You can contact the Data Controller at