Join our partners in their Q&A video clips explaining the Human Microbiome Action project (in a nutshell).  

Either if it´s to understand the project itself, or to deepen your knowledge in standardisation, consensus building or microbial research. Take this opportunity to hear from:

Celin Druart (PRI – France)/ Mani Arumugam (University of Copenhagen) /  Zahra Hassani (KPL Paris)

Joël Doré (INRAE)  / Hervé Blottière  (INRAE)  / Alessio Fasano (EBRIS)

Impact enhancement in Human Microbiome Action – Celine replies
Top contributions to science and health – Mani answers
The role of consensus in the decision-making – Zahra explains
A healthcare that includes all micorbiomes – Joël explains.
Microbiomes as a prevention theraphy – Hervé tells you why
Human Microbiome Action & Public health – Alessio reflects
Human Microbiome Action Newsletter #4
Human Microbiome Action Newsletter #5