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Cardiometabolic health, diet and the gut microbiome: a meta-omics perspective


Cardiometabolic diseases have become a leading cause of morbidity and mortality globally. They have been tightly linked to microbiome taxonomic and functional composition, with diet possibly mediating some of the associations described. Both the microbiome and diet are modifiable, which opens the way for novel therapeutic strategies. High-throughput omics techniques applied on microbiome samples (meta-omics) hold the unprecedented potential to shed light on the intricate links between diet, the microbiome, the metabolome and cardiometabolic health, with a top-down approach. However, effective integration of complementary meta-omic techniques is an open challenge and their application on large cohorts is still limited. Here we review meta-omics techniques and discuss their potential in this context, highlighting recent large-scale efforts and the novel insights they provided. Finally, we look to the next decade of meta-omics research and discuss various translational and clinical pathways to improving cardiometabolic health.

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Valles-Colomer M, Menni C, Berry, SE et al. Cardiometabolic health, diet and the gut microbiome: a meta-omics perspective. Nat Med 29, 551–561 (2023).

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